Wonderful time of the year

The most touching moments of the first months of life always remain in the memory. And that's great. Great, because if you also managed to capture them on film, then returning at that moment will be special. It was such a special moment for us. My daughter was only 1.5 months old and we moved.


As strange as it may seem, there was some kind of invisible connection between my daughter and my husband, her father. Perhaps this was strengthened due to the fact that my husband was present at the birth and she spent the first minutes of her life with him. She was only 10 minutes old when she was handed over to her father. And this is important.

They had a great 15 minutes and her husband told her about how they would ski and sled, walk and look at the blossoming fruit trees.

I am glad that everything is as it is and I would not want to change anything. Time goes by, the daughter grows up and she is already 3 years old. And they are still best friends. It seems to me that it is so important when a daughter can trust her father, consider him her friend and support, see how dad loves her mother and understand, grow up in happiness and in a confidential atmosphere. Children absorb everything. Children watch, appreciate, trust.

Memories are beautiful, very touching and tender.

A wonderful time of the year, wonderful touching moments♡