~ Le Petite Lera ~

Little girl Lera is gentle, affectionate, and very loving the sea. Chatterbox and very independent Lera herself chose the places where she wanted to be photographed, and I couldn't argue with her, because in every place she chose, there was her secret magical world. And the rule of any child photographer is not to violate the child's space and let him play and immerse himself in his world.


And if the child allows you to play with him too, be grateful for that. It's not often that you see real miracles.

It was somehow very easy to photograph Lera right away. We immediately found a common language, although before filming I had to answer a huge number of questions, show all my equipment, make an honest promise to go with Lera to the amazing magical jungle, and not be afraid of the huge butterflies that live in this jungle.


I did everything, took the oath of a real scout and we went to take pictures. How many interesting things I learned. How amazingly children's fantasy works, the main thing is to get into the flow with the child and you will really begin to see everything amazing and incomprehensible, you notice so many details, the smallest, and therefore even more significant.


Allow yourself to be at the baby level. Believe me, you will never lose anything, but you will gain very, very much.